Collection: Curriculum FAQs

Curriculum FAQs

What versions of the Bible is used in the Sunday School curriculum?

The English Standard Version (ESV) and the New International Version 84 (NIV).

Why is the curriculum divided up into “years” rather than grades?

The curriculum is designed to be used for Kindergarten through sixth grade. But rather than dividing them into grades, we chose to put them into more generic “years” for greater flexibility and broader use. More importantly, this allows you to use the curriculum for classrooms of multiple grades, rotating years as needed. Below is an example of how to use the curriculum if you currently have your Sunday School classes divided into two-year groups:
4K & 5K
Year One
Year Two
1st & 2nd Grade
Year Three
Year Four
3rd & 4th Grade
Year Five
Year Six
5th & 6th Grade
Year Seven
**Elective or Youth Year One
** Since the curriculum is designed for 7 years, the second year of "5th & 6th Grade" in the example above would have to use other materials.

Your Sunday School curriculum seems more expensive than others. Why is that?

Our Sunday School curriculum is printed on high quality, mylar reinforced paper and put into long lasting three-ring binders in order for you to use them year after year. So, while most Sunday School curricula is consumable, it is our hope that you can use these volumes for several years without the need for replacements. Also, with our curriculum, there are no consumable workbooks or worksheets for you to buy each year for each child. So, in the long run, you will end up saving money by not having to buy more material each year.

What about visual aids for younger children?

Felt figures are available for Year One and Year Two.

What handouts are included with the Sunday School curriculum?

“Lesson-At-Home” bookmarks are available for each lesson for you to send home with the children. These are included in the purchase of your curriculum as downloadable PDF files. In this electronic format, you can make as many copies of the bookmarks as you wish on card stock, never having to purchase new bookmarks year after year.

Do you plan to publish the curriculum in other Bible versions?

Not at this time.

Can we make copies of Sunday School lessons?
Individual lessons may be copied for single use, such as for substitute teachers. Upon request, whole volumes may be copied for an additional teacher for the same class.