Collection: Family Bible Study


Investigating God's Word...At Home


This series of volumes was created to help parents teach the Bible to their children at home. It’s a highly interactive study which seeks to promote thought, discussion, and application as you read through the Bible together. By the time you finish all fourteen volumes, your family will investigate the entirety of God’s Word.

Each individual lesson is divided up into the following five sections:

The Opening gets the lesson moving with either introductory thought questions, or a reading from the Psalms or Proverbs. This section serves as a “Call to Study.”

Drill Time
The Drill Time section is an opportunity for you to quiz your children to assess their Bible knowledge. Sometimes the questions will be a review of the previous lesson. Other times the questions will cover essential Bible knowledge that all of our children should learn. Still other times the questions will be from another portion of Scripture which connects to the lesson to be studied.


The Word of the Week (W.O.W!) is designed to build the Christian vocabularies of your children. Each lesson includes a W.O.W! that is either a word found in the Bible text or a theological word that is dealt with in the passage. Often times, the W.O.W! is found repeatedly in the chosen text, serving as a theme for the lesson. The Word of the Week is defined and explained in this section in order for your children to gain understanding. They will be asked to listen for it in the Bible Investigation time.

Bible Investigation
The Bible Investigation time is the heart and soul of the lesson. Each passage of Scripture is read to your children a portion at a time, breaking it down for interactive discussion. The discussion sections include questions for your children to answer as well as other commentary on what has just been read. Application sections also appear throughout the Bible Investigation in order to put to work what is being studied.

The Bible Investigation time is also intended to teach your children how to do methodical Bible study. You will be helping them to observe, interpret, think through, and apply the Scripture.

All sections of Scripture in these volumes are from the New International Version (NIV).

Scripture Memory

At the end of each lesson, a Scripture Memory text is given that either comes from the lesson or connects to it in some way. Encourage your children to memorize Scripture each week to commit God’s Word to their hearts.

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