Collection: How to Order

How to Order

Investigating God’s Word…

Children’s Sunday School Curriculum

1. Choose a curriculum version: NIV or ESV.

2. The curriculum is divided into “years” one through seven, designed for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

3. Each year is divided into four quarters (fall, winter, spring, summer). 13 lessons each quarter, 52 lessons a year.

4. Our curriculum is teacher manual based, so there are no student workbooks or worksheets to order.

5. Choose how you would like to order, by individual teacher’s manuals or bundles (discounted):

a. Complete: The entire curriculum—all 28 teacher’s manuals included.

b. Years: Any one complete year at a time—4 teacher’s manuals included.

c. Quarters: One complete quarter at a time—7 teacher’s manuals included.

d. Individual: Any of the individual teacher’s manuals that you need.

6. Download “Lesson-At-Home” Bookmarks for your students from our website (free).

7. If desired, order Felt Figure visual aids for Years 1 and 2.


Investigating God’s Word…At Home

Family Bible Study Series

1. Choose a version: NIV or ESV.

2. Choose any one of the fourteen volumes. You don’t need to go in order.

3. Each volume has twenty-six lessons.

4. Buying more than one volume saves on shipping.


Investigating God’s Word…At School

Christian School Bible Curriculum

1. Choose a grade to purchase (Kindergarten through 5th grade).

2. Each grade is divided unto four units (quarters). Buy one or more at a time.


Implementing God’s Word…

Youth Sunday School Curriculum

1. Choose any one of the six years. Years 1 and 2 are designed for middle school/junior high youth, while years 3 through 6 are geared more towards high school youth.

2. Each year is divided into four quarters (fall, winter, spring, and summer).

3. Order one quarter at a time, or order a complete year (discounted).


Imparting God’s Wisdom…

Adult Discipleship Series

1. Choose a volume from either the Old Testament series, New Testament series, or Theological Studies series.

2. Each Teacher’s Manual is a 13-week study.


The Scottish Sleuths

Vacation Bible School Series

1. Choose a series (Old and New Testament studies).

2. Order a Starter Pack. The Starter Pack gives you one of everything!

3. Order any additional teacher’s manuals or skit manuals.