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Adult Discipleship Series, Old Testament: 1 Samuel

Adult Discipleship Series, Old Testament: 1 Samuel

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The overall themes of the Old Testament Book of 1 Samuel are: (1) God's kingship over His people and the whole universe.  All human kings are subject to God as King.  (2) God's providence over the lives of His chosen people (such as Hannah, Samuel, Saul, and David). (3) God's sovereign will and power over all things.  He is just and right as well as merciful and gracious!
    This teacher's manual is divided into 13 lessons, including all the Scripture text in the English Standard Version (ESV). The format is mainly lecture, but can include as much discussion as your context and time together allows. Each lesson is divided into three sections: Opening, Rewind, and Bible Investigation.

    For a sample lesson, click here.