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Adult Discipleship Series, Old Testament: Job

Adult Discipleship Series, Old Testament: Job

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The true story of a man called Job gives us a close-up view of tragedy and deep grief. This Old Testament book gives us amazing insight and wisdom regarding our own suffering as well as how to counsel others who are suffering. At the center of the story is a sovereign, all-powerful God who defeats Satan, reveals Himself to His people, and redeems and restores Job. You and your students have the great opportunity to grow in your knowledge and love for God as you work through this book together.

This teacher's manual is divided into 13 lessons, including all the Scripture text in the English Standard Version (ESV). The format is mainly lecture, but can include as much discussion as your context and time together allows. Each lesson is divided into three sections: Opening, Rewind, and Bible Investigation.

For a sample lesson, click here.