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Youth Sunday School Curriculum. Year Six, Fall

Youth Sunday School Curriculum. Year Six, Fall

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Implementing God’s Word… is our Youth Sunday School curriculum designed for 7th Grade through 12th Grade. Each Teacher’s Manual in the curriculum includes 13 lessons, or a full quarter of material. There are no student workbooks or worksheets, so the students will interact with the teacher, each other, and God’s Word. The curriculum is engaging and conversational, teaching youth how to think Biblically as well as live out God’s Word in this world.



Year Six, aimed at High School youth, is Biblical Counseling. It is intended to teach teenagers how to look at the problems of this life through the lens of Scripture. After examining the presuppositions and basic process of Biblical counseling, the most significant problems of the teenage years are addressed.



Implementing God’s Word…Year Six, Fall covers Biblical presuppositions and Counseling Process.



To view a sample lesson, click here.