Collection: Adult Discipleship Series

It is an awesome responsibility to participate in the discipleship and education of adult believers. By His amazing grace, our triune God moves His people from death to life through the process of justification and sanctification. We are in constant need of heart transformation, mind renewal, and behavior change. The Christian life is to be one of growth and maturity in order to glorify God by loving Him and other people. To that end, God has given His people His Word and all truth to learn and to apply. And, He has blessed us with gifted teachers like you.

Our Adult Discipleship Series is designed as a fully scripted curriculum to put in the hands of Sunday School teachers and Bible Study Leaders.
Each teacher's manual is designed for a 13-week quarter. The format is mainly lecture, but can include as much discussion as your context allows. Each lesson is divided into three segments: Opening, Rewind, and Bible Investigation.

The Opening
is where you start. It offers introductory information about the Book of the Bible being taught. Each lesson gives important content to increase knowledge of the Scriptures.

The next section is the Rewind
. It allows the students to have a brief review, connecting them back to what was previously investigated. Context and review is essential when teaching the Bible.

The heart and soul of the lesson is the Bible Investigation time
. Each lesson takes the students through a certain amount of Bible text or theological study, in order to cover the content. The Scripture is to be read and discussed, making observations and applications along the way. Ultimately, you are teaching the students to know, study, and “do” God’s Word on their own.

The Adult Discipleship Series is divided into three content areas:
  • Old Testament Studies
  • New Testament Studies
  • Theological Studies

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